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December 29, 2016


Blog Follower "Natalie Johnson’s" Applicant Profile

by airforceotsguy

A reader has graciously volunteered their OTS Applicant Profile for the blog!  It has been sanitized so use this as an example of content, not format.  Thank you for sending this in (you know who you are!)  Her fictional name is “Natalie Johnson.”

This individual was a civilian select from a 2016 rated board.

If you would like to submit your own materiel for my blog, please email me at

Here are links to the rest of “Natalie’s” application:



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  1. Anonymous
    Jan 13 2017

    I've been looking over all the information you have listed here to help people interested in ots over the last few days and I am so greatful I stumbled across your blog. I am interested in the officer route and will most likely reach out to an officer recruiter over the summer and start the steps in applying.

    I do enjoy my civilian career especially since I made a career change to higher education a few years back and finished my masters degree last year but I have always wanted to serve in the U.S. Air Force specifically and now that I am in my early 30s and done will all my schooling I don't want to regret not pursuing this.

    I haven't decided if I am interested in active duty honestly or if I'd like to serve part time in the reserve as a second career. I actually working as a defense contractor for many years before I made my career change but after a few lay offs and short term contracts I decided the industry wasn't stable enough for me and I wasn't really progressing.

    I am a 32 year old female with a fiancé who also works in the education field. No children at the moment; I don't see having kids for 3-5 more years if we decided to. I was wondering if you had any advice or pointers for me? Anything is appreciated, I value your input. Thank you!


  2. Jan 14 2017

    Feel free to email me if it is easier ( If you are interested in the AF you should absolutely pursue it! It really helps to know people who are actually in and can tell you how it is, so if you are close to an AF base or know anyone it can really help you see if the path is right for you. There are pros and cons to every organization so it is good to really know. As far as prepping for the actual application it is good to get the AFOQT out of the way early and to be well rooted in who you are. After that it is just a matter of putting your desires and record on paper, reaching out for recommendations, and seeing what happens. Like I said email me if you have any other specific questions! Good luck.


  3. Anonymous
    Jan 14 2017

    Thank you so much for writing back so quickly, I just got off of work and I saw that you had responded! I will definitely be in touch with you via email if I have any other questions about the process (when I actually start the process). Most likely I won't start the process until the summer since spring semester just started at the college where I work and the department I support doesn't really have downtime until the summer semester and there are less students around. Thank you again. I will be in touch.


  4. Jan 14 2017

    You're welcome! I am looking forward to it.


  5. Apr 11 2017

    I just wanted to know if you think receiving a congressional recommendation be something that would benefit my package when it comes to LOR's? Or should I look for someone else that's perhaps more personal?


  6. Apr 12 2017

    It would mean more if you had a personal connection to the congressman or if you worked in that field vs. just getting a random LOR signed. Just receiving a signed LOR may be valuable if you do. Since you can have multiple LORs I would say get as wide of a perspective as you can to include from a congressman, professor, boss, etc.

    I assume you are a civilian because AD can't get a congressional LOR.


  7. Apr 12 2017

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate the advice. I am a civilian but am prior enlisted and plan on applying for next fiscal year.


  8. Apr 13 2017

    Good luck and keep me posted!



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