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17OT02 Rated Board Results

The 17OT02 board results have been released.  The board selected 355 of 525 applicants for a selection rate of 67.48%.  The official press release is incorrect, 17OT02 is a RATED board, not non-rated.

67% is my personal estimated selection rate for all boards, so this board was right on that estimate.  The biggest surprise for me on this one was the 97 active duty selects vs. 260 civilian selects.  Usually the split between civilian and active duty is split more or less down the middle, but these results may mark a change in accession recruitment policy.  Because of the rumors of the Air Force ramping up manpower, the board may be trying to leave active duty as enlisted while increasing the manning numbers with civilians.  The 17OT01 results due to come out in April 2017 will be very interesting.

Update:  Someone on Facebook posted there were about 150 active duty applicants based on what people were tracking when they submitted their applications on SharePoint, so 97 selects aligns with around 67%.

Congratulations to all of the selects!  If the blog helped you out at all and you would like to give back, you can email me anything you would like to share and I will make you a post after I redact all of your personal information.

Click Here for the Press Release


  1. Where did you find those numbers?

  2. Sir,

    Do you think that the 3 colonels that choose candidates spend more than a few minutes on each individual package? One of the authors of my recommendation letters is a former supervisor (TSgt) and he really did not elaborate extensively on my potential while the other 3 authors did. He has always been the type of guy to get straight to the point. I'm wondering if brevity will help out in my evaluation, or be seen as a warning sign. Thank you.

  3. Yes, short and sweet is always best. I believe the board indeed only spends a few minutes on each application. It may sound crazy but there are checks in place to ensure people are being graded fairly.

  4. Which ones? The only numbers which aren't in the press release is the 150 AD applicants and that is something applicants have to track when they submit their application in SharePoint.

  5. Getting really anxious and a little nervous for the non rated boards next month. I really enjoyed reading this as I prepped my application. It was a great help. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this.

  6. Really getting anxious and a little nervous for the non rated boards next month. This blog has been a great help while getting my application together. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help

  7. Keeping anxiety in check is the hardest part. Even worse for you guys, I feel so bad for the people who applied to your board. Thanks for the comment! Keep me posted on the results.

  8. Yeah my recruiter was telling me to expect a selection rate of 30% for the 17OT01 Boards. Its going to be fun waiting the next few weeks.

  9. Try to unplug for a little but until you get closer! Do whatever you can to stay sane. Good luck, and thanks for the comment! I love what I do so I love hearing the comments.

  10. Wow 30%. Interesting. I wonder if that stat is based on just his opinion or if he has some inside info.

  11. Anonymous

    Is there any projected date for results release for the non-rated board that met at the end of March? It's been a long wait with the board being postponed 6 months

  12. April 17 pending any additional delays. Here is the post I keep updated about the board schedule.

  13. When I talked to my recruiter on Saturday. He said it would be posted on the 22nd. For whatever that is worth lol

  14. Posted on a Saturday? Interesting. I have never heard of official announcements coming out on a non-duty day!

  15. Justin

    I was working with a recruiter from the 333rd squadron but don't see anyone selected from that squadron. Will we get info back on what we can do to improve? Or what our total score was and what the lowest score they took was?

  16. It is hard to say. As a general rule for active duty the answer is no, your name just isn't on the selection list. Commanders can reach out and call the AFRS staff directly and sometimes get limited input about a specific application. The answer for you will depend on your recruiting squadron. You would have to ask if the recruiter has feedback and if not if there is a process for them to request feedback from the board.

  17. Anonymous

    I was told by my recruiter for some reason I was not on neither selected list nor not-selected list and my application was sent in. He said that it goes to someone else after he sends in the application and that they are supposed to forward it on to the selection board. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I don't like to hear that because I did everything right that my application wasn't looked at. Is there anyway to make this a pressing matter.

  18. I'll post this in my Facebook Forum. Email me or hit Steve Rogers up on Facebook if you want more up to date replies but if not I'll post them here.

    I would ask if you could talk to your recruiters boss, possibly the recruiting Sq/CC. That is a pretty big issues and if it was sent out of his sq. and the higher level dropped the ball IMO he owes you a personal answer, and it is his job to hold that higher level accountable.

  19. Anonymous

    Just in!

    NEW!! NEW!!

    17OT01 Non-Rated Officer Selection Board

    – AFSC matching for over 1,000 selects is now underway – please be patient. Anticipated release is now 28 April 2017.

  20. Thank you! YOU broke the news for me.

  21. Do you know where to find the results for 16OT04?

  22. I think last year they quit putting all the names out there in a public release. If you are active duty, that list is available on MyPers, but I don't know of any way to get your hands on the civilian list.

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