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17OT04 Civilian Board Results

Out of 402 civilian applicants, 109 were selected to become Air Force officers.  That is a selection rate of 27% which I personally consider a low selection rate.  This year there were a ton applicants so all Fiscal Year quotas were filled by the first two out of seven boards.  17OT04 and 17OT05 should have fairly low selection rates and it should reset for next Fiscal Year.

Click here for the official 17OT04 Air Force press release.


  1. Mia Bolding

    The selection rate is thin, but I will give it a try anyway.

    • airforceotsguy

      You should definitely apply anyway. I would say last year was a little bit strange because there were so many applicants and the quotas were filled so quickly. Things should start to balance out because AFPC will probably try to better predict and set the quotas to prevent that from happening again.

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