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Congrats to 16OT02 (Rated) Selects!

I would like to congratulate everyone who was selected for the 16OT02 board!  Please post a comment if I or my blog have helped you in any way.  We would all love to hear your story.

  • I’m a civilian select. I found your blog after my package was submitted but your blog was extremely insightful and well written. Your stories definitely made the wait go by faster and gave us all something to look forward too going to OTS.  Still waiting to find out if I got a pilot slot but none the less grateful to be selected.
  • Just wanted you to know that I got accepted into OTS as a pilot!!!  Thank you so much for all of your help with my package, it would not have been the same without your advice.
  • Thanks airforceotsguy! I was a civilian pilot select for this board and your blog has alleviated a lot of my anxieties about OTS. It actually seemed like you were having fun at times. The one thing I am worried about is the lack of sleep though, as you said. I hate that my body needs 9+ hours to feel rested. Hopefully I’ll power through!
  • I was selected for RPA pilot on the 15OT03 board. I’m just waiting on my class date. It’s been a year since I started the process, so now I am just ready to go. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks a bunch.
  • I’m overjoyed to report that I’m a civilian pilot select. I discovered this blog towards the end of my application process, but all of the information here is priceless, especially as I get ready to attend OTS. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences through this blog. I know it’s been a blessing for me. -Aviator222
  • I’m a civilian pilot select, excited to see your posts and everyone’s activity on your blog, and elated to go to OTS. Thanks for your perspective and reporting.