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May 13, 2015

Attachments 6 and 7, Rated and Non-Rated Subprogram and Entry Level Officer AFSC Criteria

by airforceotsguy

Attachment 6, Rated and Non-rated Subprogram Eligibility Criteria

  • The purpose of this attachment is to define the bare-minimum requirements for the overall career field categories.  For example if you want to be a pilot, this attachment will tell you the AFOQT score and GPA requirements.  I pursued a non-rated, non-technical job so my requirements were very straight-forward.
  • The major thing I learned for this attachment is my degree was non-technical.  This attachment defined a technical degree as a degree from an ABET accredited university so degree limited me to non-technical positions.
Attachment 7, Entry Level Line Officer AF Specialty Criteria
  • I looked at Attachment 6 as the general AFSC requirements and Attachment 7 as the specific AFSC requirements.  This attachment was extremely useful because it spelled out the specific requirements for each career field.  Here is the information which was useful to me for the jobs I was interested in.
    • 17D1 Cyberspace Operations – I already had an SSBI so the only useful information was the degree list.  My degree was on the list in the requirements so I didn’t need the 24 hours of technical courses.  I was in the Cyber System Operations career field as enlisted so I wasn’t really worried about qualifying for this degree.  This was my number one choice to begin with, but I switched to 13S.
    • 13M1 Air Field Operations – Bare minimum requirements, but I wasn’t very interested in this job.
    • 13S1 Space Operations – This became my first choice and 17D1 was my second.  According to the attachment this field requires a STEM degree.  I will do a separate post on STEM degrees because there is a lot of confusion, but the bottom line is don’t stress about not having a 100% accurate STEM degree.
    • 14N1 Intelligence – bare minimum requirements.
    • 63A1 Acquisition Manager – I had 24 credit hours of the listed fields so I wasn’t worried about qualifying.
    • 64P1 Contracting – I met the requirements.
    • 65F1 Financial Management – I met the requirements.
I ended up choosing the following five career fields for my application.  Leave a comment if you have questions about my reasoning.
1.  Space Operations
2.  Cyberspace (Network) Operations
3.  Intelligence
4.  Acquisition Manager
5.  Contracting
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