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OTS Total Force Officer Training Prerequisite Course

I didn’t have to take this course so I am shooting blind here.  Here is the link to the prerequisite course.  I try to keep all useful links under the “Reference” tab on my site.


MyPers – Active Duty Personnel Services Delivery Memorandums (PSDMs)

Active duty TFOT board results are usually posted on the MyPers Personnel Services Delivery Memorandums.  This is also where they post ALL board results to include weapons school, commander slots, IDE/SDE, etc. so you can find some really useful information here.  They usually don’t post the results here until the official public release date.

Civilian results can happen a few days before or after the active duty public release.  For 17OT01 the active duty CC notification for results is 28 April, but the public release is 2 May.  Civilian results go from AFRS to Recruiters to Applicant so it should happen around the same time but it may not be exactly the same time.  A lot of it also depends on the recruiter.

Here is the MyPers link for Active Duty.

Connecting With Other Applicants

Benefiting from shared information was a crucial part of my journey.  There is a forum out there called Air Force OTS and it was a treasure trove of information.  Here is the link:

It has been a while since I have been to that page so I don’t really know anything about it anymore. Here are some current Facebook Groups.  Leave a comment with new links and I’ll add them to this page.

OTS Application Board Facebook Groups

17OT01 (NR)
17OT02 (R)
17OT03 (Active Duty)
17OT04 (Civilian)

OTS Class Date Facebook Groups


Don’t Forget the Air Force OTS Guy Forum Facebook Group!


Expanding to Facebook!

I am expanding my audience to Facebook!  I am still trying to figure it all out but here is a link to my group.  The purpose of the group will be to create an environment where people can ask questions and share their experience with the OTS process.  Here is the link to the group:

I have also created a “page” which will essentially link this blog to Facebook.  I will post any updates to this blog on the Facebook page as well, and hopefully it will make it easier to find.  Here is the link to the group.  Please “like” me on Facebook so I can get everything up and running.  Thank you all for your support.


Air Force Portal Basic Officer Training Page

The Air Force portal is the central hub for OTS application information, and it is maintained by AFRS.  The idea is to get everything you need to apply to include the BOT Guide, Schedule, etc. from Air Force Portal then actually apply through the SharePoint.

This site is only accessible if you have an Air Force Portal account.  The only people authorized to have an account are Air Force military/civilian personnel.

Instructions:  (bookmark the page after you find it)

  1. Log in to AF Portal.
  3. Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
  4. SUB-ORGANIZATIONS (on left)
  5. Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS)
  6. Basic Officer Training (BOT) Program (on left)
  7. Bookmark page.
AF Portal Link:

OTS Application SharePoint Link

In the past the Air Force OTS application process was completely managed by the base education center.  While this was great for those who were fortunate enough to have an experienced counselor, it was not so great if the counselor was not helpful.  Last year the application process was transitioned entirely to SharePoint.  The first step for your journey will be to become intimately familiar with the site.  It is only accessible to Active Duty and here is the link as of the below date.

Click here, or copy/paste:

Please also see the post regarding the Air Force Portal page.

Last updated:  21 Dec 15