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Line Officer Board Schedule

If you are interested in applying to become an officer, you will want to pay attention to the Line Officer Board Schedule.  As you piece together your application, you should be targeting a specific board.  Each board has stipulations for  who can apply (Active Duty or Civilian), an application cut-off date, a board date, and an estimated release date.

The board is a panel of one Colonel (O-6), and two Lieutenant Colonel’s (O-5) or Colonel selects.  They will administratively review your application give you a board score for four graded areas.  This is not a face-to-face board like the Army, it is all done administratively.  This is why it is so important to submit a quality, well reviewed application.

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Total Force Officer Training (TFOT)

Total Force Officer Training is the training you will attend at Maxwell AFB, AL after you are selected as an officer candidate by one of the above boards.  It will typically take 4-8 months from when you are selected to when you depart for TFOT, sometimes much longer.  If you want to have a better idea for how long it is currently taking, I recommend you plug in to one of the Facebook groups.  So far someone has made a specific Facebook group for every board for the past few years.  Here is the general flow of events:

  1. You are selected as an officer candidate.
  2. AFRS or your recruiter helps you complete all post-selection requirements (security, medical, etc.)
  3. Once all taskings are complete, AFRS will put your record in a pile.  They will begin working their way through the pile and assigning class dates.  Priority will go to people with RNLTD or DEROS constraints, people who are age critical, etc.  Everyone else will get similar class dates.  For example, if you were selected for the 17OT01 board and you hear through Facebook that other people are getting a TFOT class of 18-03, there is a good chance you will be in 18-03 or 18-04.

As of May 2017 TFOT has been shortened to 42 Training Days.  You will train Monday through Friday excluding federal holidays or AETC Family Days.  If I recall correctly, Training Day 42 will be graduation.

FY2018 TFOT Schedule

FY2017 TFOT Schedule

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