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This page isn’t pretty yet, but my intent is to populate it with useful documents.  I have the web site and the ability to host files, so I may as well take advantage of it for your benefit.  This will be a little bit more long-term than posting files on Facebook.

Here are a list of files you can download.

***DISCLAIMER*** These are unofficial, user-shared files so they may be outdated!  If you find a more up-to-date source, please comment below and I will work with you to make the appropriate updates.  Again, this is more of a peer sharing of resources, not a source for official information.

Application Resources

Click Here – TBAS Flashcards

Post-Selection Resources

Click Here – Active Duty Reporting Instructions (15 Mar 17)

Click Here – TFOT Syllabus (1 Sep 15)

Click Here – TFOT Syllabus 2017 Update (Current for Class 17-05)

Post-OTS Resources

Click Here – Initial Flight Training (IFT) Pre-Arrival Guide (1 Jan 17)

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