18OT02 – Hot! Medical Assignment Limitation Code waiver process has been established and is in effect immediately.  The following paragraph will be entered in the next TFOT Guide revision in waiver chapter.

ALC C-X code waiver request process. If an applicant is rendered not qualified on his AF FM 422 for AF commissioning, applicant can submit a letter requesting an ALC C-1, C-2, or C-3 waiver review by AETC/SGPS.  The letter must include full name, last four of SSAN, justification for waiver consideration and be endorsed by at least the Sq/CC. Applicant will then forward the letter to org box AETC/SG will respond back to the member with a letter indicating their disposition of the waiver.  If waiver is approved applicant will take letter to the MTF to have an AF Form 422 amended indicating final AETC/SG disposition. Applicant will then include copy of AF FM 422 with approved waiver in source packet to be submitted with application.

17OT05 Active Duty Applicant Officer Selection Board

– 17OT05 PSDM 17-63 is now posted on myPers; click here to view (FOUO).

– If selected Go to to get Manual Active Duty Selection Instructions and form to fill out. Email form to .

– 17OT05 non-select applications will not rollover to FY18 boards.

Officer Selection Boards are subject to be cancelled once our accessions targets are meet.