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May 20, 2017

Civilian Select Example – 17OT01

by airforceotsguy

This person was selected during the 17OT01 board for a Non-Rated slot.  This is his entire application with the exception of his personal statement, which he asked me to remove.  All PII has been removed and I have posted this with his permission.

Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_01Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_02Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_03Scanned DocumentNon-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_05Scanned DocumentNon-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_07Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_08Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_09Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_10Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_11Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_12Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_13Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_14Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_15Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_16Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_17Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_18Non-Rated-APP-redacted_Page_19

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