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17OT05 Active Duty Board Results

Here are the results from the 17OT05 Active Duty Board.  The board convened in August 2017, results were released on 15 Sep 2017.

  • 461 Active Duty considered
  • 129 Active Duty selected
  • 28% selection rate

Click Here for the press release which includes the names of those selected.

Click Here for a link to all press releases on my blog.


17OT04 Civilian Board Results

Out of 402 civilian applicants, 109 were selected to become Air Force officers.  That is a selection rate of 27% which I personally consider a low selection rate.  This year there were a ton applicants so all Fiscal Year quotas were filled by the first two out of seven boards.  17OT04 and 17OT05 should have fairly low selection rates and it should reset for next Fiscal Year.

Click Here for the official Air Force press release.


17OT02 Rated Board Results

The 17OT02 board results have been released.  The board selected 355 of 525 applicants for a selection rate of 67.48%.  The official press release is incorrect, 17OT02 is a RATED board, not non-rated.

67% is my personal estimated selection rate for all boards, so this board was right on that estimate.  The biggest surprise for me on this one was the 97 active duty selects vs. 260 civilian selects.  Usually the split between civilian and active duty is split more or less down the middle, but these results may mark a change in accession recruitment policy.  Because of the rumors of the Air Force ramping up manpower, the board may be trying to leave active duty as enlisted while increasing the manning numbers with civilians.  The 17OT01 results due to come out in April 2017 will be very interesting.

Update:  Someone on Facebook posted there were about 150 active duty applicants based on what people were tracking when they submitted their applications on SharePoint, so 97 selects aligns with around 67%.

Congratulations to all of the selects!  If the blog helped you out at all and you would like to give back, you can email me anything you would like to share and I will make you a post after I redact all of your personal information.

Click Here for the Press Release


Board Results – My Perspective

The official release for the 16OT03 non-rated board will be released tomorrow (Friday, 6 May), but by now I imagine most of you have a pretty good idea of what the results are.  For this board it sounds like civilian notifications started trickling out on Saturday, 1 May with continued notifications from recruiters this week.  From what I gather on the Active Duty side wings were given the list of names on Monday this week with instructions to not notify the selects until Thursday.  The official list will be uploaded to the MyPers site sometime tomorrow.

For the selects:

Congratulations!  This is a huge step in your career and I speak with experience when I say it is going to cause you to grow in ways you never imagined.  After the celebrations are complete be sure to take the time to thank everyone who helped you along the way.  One of the major differences I noticed going from enlisted to officer was that it is no longer about you.  It is not your career progression or your recognition, it is the recognition of those who helped you along the way.  More importantly, it is about not where you are at, but how you are effecting change in a positive way to those around you.  My biggest advice for you is to not get in trouble for something stupid, don’t injure yourself, start striving for a perfect score PT test, and spend some time with your friends and family before the adventure begins.  Beyond that, enjoy the ride!

For the non-selects:

I am truly sorry that you did not get the news that you wanted.  I am happy for the selects but my heart is truly heavy right now for the non-selects.  Take some time to reflect and regain your bearings, but tomorrow make it your goal to put the news behind you and strategize your next application.  Here are some bullet points:

  • Have someone in your chain of command call the AFRS staff to get some honest feedback on your application.  Many of the non-selects I talked to got some really good feedback or insight into why the results were what they were.
  • From what I gather the board reviews applications in the following graded areas.  Send me your application and I will provide my insight on how I believe your application was reviewed in light of these areas.
    • Leadership potential
    • Education
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Ability to Adapt
  • The 180-day wait period (waiting in between applications) is no longer in effect!  Applicants can apply for multiple boards as long as they are eligible (as of April 2016)!  Apply again!  In light of the above graded areas, consider what you can do in a short period of time to improve your application.  I can probably help you brainstorm.  Check the schedule and resubmit your application for another board!  The board process is how you are stacked against the other applications and what the established cutoff was, so it is always worth another shot.
  • Pull back, regroup, and recover.  Take the time you need to re-assess your motivation for wanting to commission.  Try to take an objective look at your own application to see if you can find areas where you were weak.  Once you are ready, take the next step forward.  You can learn from this and make yourself a better person and leader because of it.  Your dreams may have been crushed but in my opinion we all have our purpose here on Earth, it is just a matter of finding it.  How you respond to failure is one of the defining aspects of your character.

16OT03 NR Results Are Trickling Out!

I just noticed on the forums that civilian select notifications are starting to trickle out!  It looks like people started to get phone calls from their recruiters on Saturday 30 Apr but more today (2 May).  If you are AD I would expect to hear Tuesday or Wednesday, but would not be surprised if it wasn’t until Friday.  I WOULD be surprised if you did not know by Friday, I am pretty sure the results will be pushed out this week.  (This is just a personal guess so I could be wrong).

When I submitted my application last year the SharePoint asked for an email for my commander and my commander was the only one who got my ‘OTS select’ email from the OTS board staff.  He brought along the squadron leadership but I know most of the bigger bases also bring higher leadership depending on the unit.  If you see a bunch of rank walk into your office be skeptical of anything they tell you.  They often like to have a little fun with the ‘select’ notifications and many get creative.

As always feel free to leave a comment on this post if this blog helped you out.  I always love hearing from readers.  Good luck to you all!