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TFOT Guide

Active Duty BOT Guide (May 2015)

NOTE:  This post references the BOT Guide from 2015, but the information should still have value.

The Active Duty BOT Guide contains ALL of the information you will need to submit your application.  People in forums or on the internet, or even people who help you personally, may have information about how they did their application, but this guide will be the most up-to-date info straight from AFRS on how to complete your application.

The guide itself is a PDF which contains many other files embedded within.  Each attachment will give you a different type of information, and some information will apply and some will not.

Here is the basic layout as of May 1, 2015:

  • Attachment 01, Am I eligible – This gives you the basic requirements for your OTS application.  Take a look and see if anything major comes up.
  • Attachment 02, BOT Questionnaire 1 – These are requirements or qualifications which are not waiver-able, at least at this time.  Read through and see if anything jumps out at you.  Don’t worry about signing until closer to your application date.
  • Attachment 03, BOT Questionnaire 2 – These are requirements which are waiver-able.  This one requires your CC’s signature so read it to make sure you are good, but don’t worry about signatures until later.
  • Attachment 04, AFOQT and PCSM Information.  The AFOQT is mandatory for all applicants.  PCSM I believe is only for rated.
  • Attachment 05, Physical_ Master_PFLPIF Review_ Transcripts_AFRS IMT 1413 etc – This one provides information on doing your physical, PIF review, and education certification (AFRS IMT 1413).
  • Attachment 06, Rated and Nonrated Subprogram Eligiblity Criteria – Specific additional requirements for a few jobs.
  • Attachment 07, Entry Level Line Officer AF Specialty Criteria – A list of AFSC you can apply for.
  • Attachment 08, Instructions for Completing AF FM 56 and Letter of Recommendation – The most important part of your application.  Well almost.
  • Attachment 09, AD BOT Electronic Application Updated 24 Jun 0800 hrs CST – Only used if you can’t use SharePoint.
  • Attachment 10, BOT Applicant Contact Sign-up  Form – Only used if you need to ask AFPC a question.  I never had to.
  • Attachment 11, Air Liaison Officer (13L1) Addendum – More info if you want to be an Air Liaison Officer.
  • Attachment 12, Weather Officer Classification Waiver for Enlisted Weather Members – More information specific to the weather field.

I will go into depth with every attachment of this guide in later posts.

I strongly recommend printing out the entire guide and putting together a 3-ring notebook.  Keep the notebook with you at all times and any time you need to reference something you can easily pull the tab, reference, and replace.  I will do a separate post on how I kept organized later.  I work in a secure area so paper copies were absolutely necessary.

EDIT 9 AUG 15:  I have had a hard time accessing the SharePoint lately (I am probably doing it wrong) but here is the AF portal link to the BOT guide.  Use the AF Portal link to the home page and click the BOT Guide link on left.  Common Access Card required!!!  Be sure you cross reference the latest updates with the SharePoint.

EDIT 2 NOV 17:  Tweaked post to reflect current verbiage.


  1. This is super awesome! Thank you for taking the time to do this!! I truly appreciate it

  2. Thank you for your comment. I hope lots of people find it helpful!

  3. Anonymous

    This website is super helpful. I am just curious since I am active duty Army if i can request access to the airforce portal. Worth a shot since we have the same systems in place just different service.

  4. It doesn't look like it… you could probably try the self registration actions to see what happens though. Info:

  5. Anonymous

    Does not seem to be working for me? How big of a file is the guide to download?

  6. It is only a few megabytes. You have to have a Common Access Card (CAC) (military ID). Try through AF Portal I always had better luck there. I made an update with links.

  7. It is only a few megabytes. You have to have a Common Access Card (CAC) (military ID). Try through AF Portal I always had better luck there. I made an update with links.

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