Download the TFOT Guide

I have received several questions about the TFOT Guide Questionnaires 1 & 2.  In order to download the questionnaires you will need to download the TFOT Guide.  The TFOT Guide is located on the Air Force Portal TFOT Commissioning Page.  Click the “Application for a Commission (Click Here for Guide)”

TFOT Questionnaires

When AFRS published the 2017 TFOT Guide they embedded the files within the TFOT Guide itself as attachments.  If you open up the PDF with Microsoft Edge they aren’t visible.

However, if you open it up with an Adobe reader such as Adobe Reader DC, they are more obviously seen.  Double click the files and you will have your questionnaires:

Updated Questionnaire 2

A few months ago they updated Questionnaire 2.  Instead of pulling down the TFOT Guide file and embedding the new Questionnaire which would have been a pain, they uploaded the new questionnaire to their SharePoint.  The link to the new file is found on the Air Force Portal page.  To summarize, use the Questionnaire 1 in the TFOT guide and use the NEW Questionnaire 2 via the link.

NOTE:  For those applying for 18OT02 I saw that someone submitted their application with the old Questionnaire 2.  They contacted AFRS to see if it would be an issue, and AFRS said it would be fine and not to worry about it.