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TFOT Class Videos

Prior to OTS I actually refused to watch a lot of videos because I was partially in denial that I had to go through this stressful, life-changing event.  After I completed the program, I realized how valuable the experience was and I cherish the memories and lessons I learned there.

Class videos are a great way to capture the experience, but it honestly means so much more to those in that class than outsiders looking in.  Regardless, it is our opportunity to share a piece of the experience with the graduates, so I encourage you to watch these videos.

I plan to work backwards and link as many videos as I can, but here is the most recent ones I found.

Class 17-05 (2 Jun 2017) –

Class 17-04 (24 Mar 2017) –

Class 17-02 (18 Nov 2016) –

Class 16-08 (9 Sep 2016) –

Class 16-07 (17 Jun 2016) –

Class 16-05 (8 Mar 2016) –

Class 16-03 (18 Dec 2015) –

Class 16-02 (11 Dec 2015) –