Back in the day when you went TDY the front office or orderly room would help you fill out the orders form and it would get wet signed by whoever needed to sign it.  Sometime between then and now the Department of Defense transitioned to a universal system called Defense Travel System.  Instead of getting hard copy orders and walking them around your squadron for signatures, you have to log in and create your orders online.

Instead of getting out a type writer and manually entering all of the information for your orders on the form, you are logging in and creating your orders by using the DTS tools to state your itinerary, travel and lodging costs, and funding source.  There are pros and cons to this system.  The major pro is that you get paid much quicker after your travel is complete.

I don’t feel like doing a full tutorial now but one problem everyone seems to have is printing your orders in the DD Form 1610 format.  By default, your printed orders look like this:

Default Orders

This format has all of the information you need and is indeed a print-out of your orders.  As long as you have a “AUTH NO” in line 2) your orders are approved.  However, this is not the traditional format people are used to seeing.  In order to print out your orders in the traditional format follow the following steps.

Log in to DTS

Here is the link to DTS.  You can also find it in Air Force Portal:

Change Form Preferences

Once logged in, go to “Traveler Setup/Form Preferences.”

Change Authorizations, Cash Advance, and Voucher to “Govt + Form.”  Click the “Save Form Defaults” button at the bottom.

View Your Travel Orders

Return to the home page and go to Office Travel/Authorizations/Orders:

Select View/Edit for your trip, then select “Print”

If your settings saved correctly you should now see a DD Form 1610 populated with your trip information.

You should be good to go now!  Again just make sure all of your information on the form is correct.