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FY18 Officer Selection Board Update – 22 Nov 17

FY18 Officer Selection Boards — UPDATES!!


– Send Master PIF request to [redacted], new AFPC/DP2SSM Military Records Incoming does not receive encrypted.

– The 125 application cap is no longer in effect.

18OT02 – Hot! Medical Assignment Limitation Code waiver process has been established and is in effect immediately.  The following paragraph will be entered in the next TFOT Guide revision in waiver chapter.

ALC C-X code waiver request process. If an applicant is rendered not qualified on his AF FM 422 for AF commissioning, applicant can submit a letter requesting an ALC C-1, C-2, or C-3 waiver review by AETC/SGPS.  The letter must include full name, last four of SSAN, justification for waiver consideration and be endorsed by at least the Sq/CC.  Applicant will then forward the letter to org box  [redacted]  AETC/SG will respond back to the member with a letter indicating their disposition of the waiver.  If waiver is approved applicant will take letter to the MTF to have an AF Form 422 amended indicating final AETC/SG disposition.  Applicant will then include copy of AF FM 422 with approved waiver in source packet to be submitted with application.

18OT02 – Non-rated age has changed. Per AFI 36-2005  applicants can now apply for non-rated TFOT Boards if they are able to commission prior to age 40. When completing Questionnaire 2, the following changes have been made to Items listed under 25.

Item 25a, change “age 33” to “age 38”;

Item 25b, change “age 33 and 34.5” to “age 38 to age 39.5”;

Item 25c, “age 34.5” to “age 38.5”; “age 35” to “age 40”.

All information pertaining to the age change will be updated in the next TFOT Guide revision.

Click on to get updated Questionnaire 2.

– The 125 application cap is no longer in effect.

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