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Good Luck Class 16-04!

Good luck Class 16-04!  Shoot me an email if you have questions or need encouragement at


  1. When do we find out if we are going to the 24th versus the “Det”?

  2. When you show up! The dorms closer to the volleyball courts were the 24th dorms for us. The ones closer to the parade grounds were Det 12. Class 16-02 was 24 TRS and 16-03 was Det 12 logically Class 16-04 would be the 24th and 16-05 would be Det 12.

  3. Makes sense. Thank you!

  4. I'm waiting until 1400 to arrive there and was curious about our luggage….i am prior service as well and I think I may have more then I can carry in one trip (blues/ coats on hangars). Are we able to make another trip back out to our cars or should I try to carry everything at once.

  5. Not sure, this would be a good question for your 16-04 class mates but of course they won't be on Facebook in the next several hours. Bring in what you can or absolutely need. You should be able to ask for approval to go back to your car after SMT. As long as you have a valid reason and it makes sense, they should be okay with it especially on the first day.

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