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After Selection

15OT02 Select! Selection/BOT Timeline

General Timeline

Here is my general timeline of events:

  • 21 Jan 15 – I think I submitted my application on 21 Jan 15, the deadline was 23 Jan 15.
  • Estimated release pushed to 13 Mar 15, 10 Apr 15, 24 Apr 15, then 1 May 15.
  • My commander informed me I was an AD select for 13S on 29 Apr 15.  I think civilians found out later than night.
  • Official AF press release was on 1 May.
Medical Qualification

I actually downloaded the AD Select Instructions long before the release date because SharePoint was down so much (especially around release dates).  As a 13S my task list was as follows:

  • Email base choices.  I had my bases picked long before.  I used THRMIS to get a feel for manning and picked based on location.  13S only has ten choices so it was fairly easy.
  • Fitness Program.  No action required, just be ready to pass the PT test.
  • AAC 05 Update – Again no action required.  My AAC 05 expiration was automatically updated to one year from my selection date.
  • Retainability – I was in until 2018 so N/A for me.
  • GTC Mission Critical – Very easy, no action until closer to PCS.
  • Official Transcript – I will order my transcript and have them sent to BOT when we get closer.
13S Specific

Physical Update.  In addition to the AF Form 422 I did to apply, I now needed a DD Form 2807 and DD Form 2808.  The 2808 required:

  • Talk to “Medical Standards” within Flight Med.  They oversaw the process.
  • Medical Standards did a depth perception and color test.
  • Medical Standards told me to see my PCM for a commissioning physical.  They filled in my 2808.
  • Medical Standards also told me to do an Optometry appointment.  Optometry re-did my depth perception and color vision test.
  • Top Secret (SSBI) – Already done from my current AFSC.
BOT Class Date Timeline
  • Emailed Rose my base choices on 4 May 15.
  • Emailed Rose my medical paperwork on 27 May 15.
  • Received an email from Rose unofficially telling me my class date will by 16-02 (Starts 6 Oct 15) on 29 May 15.
  • Received official class letter on 9 Jun 15!  Others have received their assignment within ten days.


  1. I have been following your blog since November. I was informed today by my recruiter than I am a Civ Select 14N! So excited to start this journey. Thank you for taking your time to post your experience and your feedback on my statement. Still can't believe this is real!

  2. Congratulations! I'm glad I was able to help.

  3. I need your help, at this point I have just received my class date of 1701 which is for 23 Aug. What do i do next before receiving my assignment? It seems like there is a major disconnect between my local MPF and my servincing one (i work in a GSU.)

  4. It depends. What career field are you going into? If your tech school is a PCS you will eventually get orders to your tech school as your first assignment. If it isn't, your assignment is cut by the officer assignment team for your career field. If you are a prior you will be working everything directly with Rose or her AFRS staff. MPS is cut out from the process.

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