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Wings Information

A follower wrote this up for me.  Let me know if you have anything to add and I will either add it to this post or create a new post.

In order to slightly shorten the length of OTS, the WINGS course was introduced.  The WINGS course is essentially made up of prerequisite work that must be completed, and is used to get the cadet ready for OTS.  Upon receiving a class letter, a cadet will receive log in information to their WINGS portal through the Holm Center.  Within this portal are many useful pieces of information to prepare a cadet for OTS, including the OTSMAN and the HAWK, as well as Reporting Instructions and a Physical Training Guidance, which essentially gives a run down of the exact PT that will be done at OTS.  Also included are several in-processing documents, which will need to be printed and filled out prior to attending OTS.  These are mainly questionnaires that need some basic information, or just documents that need signed saying “I agree”.  One very informative document hidden in this section is the Line Accessions Base Availability Listing.  This document provides cadets with information regarding what base they could go to as determined by their AFSC.

The prerequisite work itself is fairly easy, just time consuming.  It consists of a combination of readings, slideshows, and videos on various topics.  The work the cadet will be going through involves learning about effective communication and leadership, dress code, and the history of the air force and airpower.  The cadet will also be familiarized with what will be expected of them, in terms of how they represent the Air Force and to take pride in the position they will be holding.  Throughout all of this, there is a note taker, and the cadet is expected to take notes on the material.  The note taker is more of a fill in the blank, and 95% of the blanks are fairly obvious within the readings and slides.  There is said to be a test upon arriving at Maxwell AFB on the WINGS material, so taking notes is extremely important in order to review it all, as there is a lot of information.

As the course is still new, there are still various issues.  A lot of cadets were having problems with logging into the site, as it was down fairly often.  I only experienced one time where I could not get the site to load, but once I cleared my browser cookies I was fine (which they suggest doing).  They also give warning when the site will be down for any sort of maintenance, so a cadet can prepare ahead of time.  The website will also track the cadets progress, and a certificate is rewarded at the end of the program that must be printed and saved as proof of completion.  Unfortunately, the site itself can be slightly tricky to find documents, and takes a bit of getting used to.  The biggest problem I personally encountered was every time I clicked to view course material, it sent me to a page that did not have my course material on it.  I would have to close out of that, and click on course material again before it would finally load the correct page.

– Civilian Select, Slotted for TFOT Class 18-02, Authored September 2017

Here are some additional comments followers from the Facebook group wanted to add:

Two things. First, if you’re using chrome as your browser, you can set up a separate “user” browser. There are specific steps that they give you to set up your browser so things work the smoothest. If you set up a separate user (I called mine “Air Force”) like they suggest, things work much better. I suggest doing this so your regular browsing doesn’t mess with their site, and you don’t have to clear cookies every time you want to log in.

Second, there’s a note on the site currently that says that the course material is being reworked. And anyone going after the OT03 and OT04 classes will have different material, which should be ready the middle of January. So, you can familiarize yourself with the material, but any work done before the new stuff gets pushed out won’t count to completing the course.

And another:

The new course should roll out in November. There are slight changes in some of the sample of behaviors. Not to many drastic changes. The biggest change is that the prerequisite course web base training will now include the real test inside the material and there may even be a challenge test to test out of it. This will eliminate taking a test at OTS on the prerequisite course material.


TFOT Pre-Requisite Course – Wings

From the inbox:

Many people are having trouble updating their profile for the TFOT prerequisite site.  The home page has a broken link to verify personal information.  Here is a workaround:



I Received My Assignment!

I received my assignment notification on 9 July!  The notification came by email from an individual from AFPC and was addressed to my MPS (FSS/FSMPD).  I along with Rose and a handful of other personnel were Cc’d.  I should note NO-ONE from my chain of command was notified so if my inbox was full or if I missed the email somehow I would never have known.

Here is the timeline from my other post with my assignment notification added.  At the end of the day I received my assignment notification exactly one month after I received my class letter.

A note on the PPCs (see the bottom of this post).  I think PPC stands for Personnel Processing Codes.  Every assignment is going to have different codes and when I looked up mine I realized they are not in the assignments AFI.  Search PPC in MyPers and a table will pop up with everyone you want to know.


    • Wed, 4/29 – Unofficial notification of selection from my commander.


  • Fri, 5/1 – Official notification of selection.



  • Sat, 5/2 – I sent in my 8 base choices.



  • Mon, 5/4 – I began working with my MDG.  They gave me taskings as they discovered them and I knocked them out ASAP.  Taskings included color/depth, turn in 2807/2808, hearing test, then PCM.



  • Wed, 5/27 – PCM signed my paperwork.  I submitted to AFRS.



  • Fri, 5/29 – Received email from Rose stating I was in TFIT/TFOT 16-02, letter forthcoming.



  • Tue, 6/9 – Received official class notification email with letter.



  • Thur, 7/9 – Received 13S assignment notification.


Here is the sanitized version of the notification email for those who may care:
Simply pass this info along to the MPF for processing manual orders.
For the MPF:
Please use this message to process PCS-to-TDY orders on the subject member.
For instructions on how to complete/process a manual order, please refer to the Orders Processing PSD Guide.
The Assignment information will not be updated in MILPDS. Do not delay processing pending MILPDS update. This is the ONLY assignment notification you will receive. Normal assignment notification procedures identified in AFI 36-2102 and AFI 36-2110 apply.
LAST, FIRST is currently accepted to OTS and serviced by your MPS. The MPS is responsible for providing PCS orders with TDY enroute to OTS.
  If the MPS needs assistance processing the manual order, contact XXXXX
LAST, FIRST will attend OTS TDY Enroute. The Assignment information will not be updated in MILPDS; therefore, there will not be an assignment rip generated in MILPDS.  Do not delay processing pending MILPDS update. This is the ONLY assignment notification you will receive. Normal assignment notification procedures identified in AFI 36-2102 and AFI 36-2110 apply. AFI 36-2013, Officer Training School (OTS) and Enlisted Commissioning Programs (ECP) are the governing instruction for initiating procedures on selected commissioning applicants.
LAST, FIRST must report to Maxwell AFB AL on XXOCT2015 for OTS Class 16-02 starts XXOCT2015, graduates XXDEC2015.  The arrival of trainees to Total Force Indoctrination Training Course (TFIT-001) after duty hours on arrival day has complicated and extended in-processing into the program. In order to streamline in-processing, OTS is requesting all students arrive during the duty day (0800 – 1600 local time), early arrivals are not authorized.
Fund citation ETCA, Air University, TDY Fund Citations.  Review AFI 36-2013 and XXXX
The Assignment information will not be updated in MILPDS. Do not delay processing pending MILPDS update. This is the ONLY assignment notification you will receive. Normal assignment notification procedures identified in AFI 36-2102 and AFI 36-2110 apply.
Assignment Counselor:  Use the current version of the AF FORM 899, Request and Authorization for Permanent Change of Station – Military Template. Additionally, verify correct PCS ID is used.
PROMOTIONS:  (Selectees E-4 or below)
Comply with AFI-36-2013 TABLE 2.6. Military Personnel Element Program Management Responsibilities.
Place selectee into “Mission Critical” status upon departure to OTS.
1. Update the Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) (copy required during in processing).
2. Update DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data (VRED) (copy required during in processing).
3. Initial (Entry) to AF DD Form 4, Enlistment/Reenlistment (ARMS) (copy required during in processing).
4. Current Record Review RIP (copy required during in processing).
5. Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) (copy required during in processing).
6. No less than 10 copies of PCS orders.

7. Review additional guidance at:

SSAN:     123456789
AAN:      XXX
SAFSC:   13S1
AAR:     XX
PPCs:     CQ3
RNLTD:  15DEC2015
AFSC:  9T100 

TFIT/TFOT Class Date "R" vs "B"?

Someone asked Rose and she said R is reserved and B is booked.  It makes so much more sense now!


TFIT/TFOT Class Date Assignment

As I said in another post, class dates are assigned once you are qualified.  Here is what I know about how Rose assigns the class dates once you are qualified.

  • Overseas selects will receive the class date which most closely aligns with their DEROS.  It is after their DEROS, selects will have to apply for an extension.  If it is before, selects will have to apply for a curtailment.  The Air Force is just trying to save money so I don’t think AFRS has a lot of flexibility with this.
  • I was told stateside selects will receive class assignments based on the Date Available For Training date you put on your Form 56.  This makes sense to me but I don’t think it is a hard requirement.  It is probably just how Rose deals with the massive stack of paperwork.
  • Civilians have to do MEPS and start the security clearance from scratch which normally takes longer, but the class dates for my board were all over the place.  It seemed like Rose used civilians to fill the gaps in the classes.
  • Some civilians and military were assigned to the later “15-” courses, but most were assigned to “16-“
  • OS military were generally assigned to class dates close to their DEROS, CONUS were generally assigned in order of when Rose processed their paperwork.
  • Age criticals were first.
  • Join the Facebook page for your board and keep a pulse on what dates people are getting.  Usually people will call and be told 16-01 is full for example, so piecing the puzzle together you can generally guess you will be in 02 or 03.
  • For 16-02 there is a 16-02B and 16-02R.  No-one in my board knows what it means.  Some speculate flight but I think it is more likely which school house you are heading to.


  • Fri 5/29 – Rose sent me a quick email telling me 16-02, letter forthcoming.
  • Tue, 6/9 – Received official email from Rose to me, my CC was Cc’d.  The letter stated the following and had two attachments.
    • Greetings,
      1.  Congratulations on your selection and good luck in your future career as
      an officer in the USAF.
      2.  Please see attachments for your class letter and information from OTS.
      You will receive a courtesy copy of your assignment notification (by email)
      that will be sent to your base FSS from AFPC; this is in lieu of an
      assignment RIP.  The assignment will not be in MILPDS since this part of the
      process as not been automated.  Your FSS will also generate manual orders
      for your TDY enroute PCS.  You may use your class letter with a memorandum
      from your commander asking the FSS to use the class letter in lieu of orders
      to initiate out-processing i.e. initial PCS appointment, out-processing
      checklist etc.
      3. Also remember you need to provide an official transcript, a certified
      diploma, or an official letter from the degree-granting institution,
      reflecting degree, major, day, month, and year awarded upon your arrival to
      OTS.  In all cases, final transcripts are required prior to commissioning at
      OTS.  When final transcripts are not available on upon arrival to OTS, they
      must be mailed within 6 weeks to:  [address].
    • ATTACHMENT 1 – Official Memorandum:

SUBJECT: Initial Basic Officer Training (BOT) Class Notification for [name]

1. This memorandum serves as an official notification that the Officer Trainee (OT) listed above is tentatively assigned to BOT Class 1602B wich a class report and start date of 6 OCT 15 and a projected graduation date of 11 DEC 15.  The OT is assigned to AF specialty 13S1, Space Operations Officer.

2.  The OT’s information was forwarded to HQ AFPC/DPSIP for assignment processing and official notification to the OT’s servicing MPF.  Please allow ample time for assignment processing.

3.  Please ensure you review the Officer Training School (OTS) website at then click on officer training school link at the top, center of the page,

4.  OT’s must arrive and in-process OTS between 1000 and 1700 hrs on the schedule class start date.  Early arrivals are not authorized.

5.  Please do not call AFPC/DPSIP.  If you are currently in the CONUS and you have not received notification within 30 days of departure; or if you are currently OS and you are within 60 days of departure contact us at DSN XXX-XXXX or email [email address].

    • ATTACHMENT 2 – BOT Talking Paper – This is basically the same thing as the AD reporting instructions on the web site.  There is a little bit of extra information but it is also dated 2013 in the footnote so I assume it is a little outdated.

AD Select! 13S Select Process

I know most of you are most interested in my perspective of the application, but there is a void of information for what happens after you are told you are a select.  Here is a basic breakdown.  Keep in mind some of this may only be for 13S selects.

  • Your board release date will probably be pushed back.  Updates can be found both on the AF Portal BOT web site and the SharePoint.
  • Expect it to be pushed back again, and again, and again.
  • Someone on airforceotsforums will post they talked to Rose and results should be coming out soon.
  • Someone on airforceotsforums is a select!  Where is your commander and what is he doing?
  • My commander visited my office to personally inform me I was a select on 29 April.
  • For 15OT02 my commander received an email with two attachments and the following text.
    • Commanders,
      Attached is the official active duty enlisted applicant selection results
      from the 15OT02 Total Force Officer Training (formerly called Basic Officer
      Training) Non-Rated Selection Board that convened on 2 – 6 March 2015.
      We are providing you this list so that you can notify your members
      immediately of their selection prior to AFRS public release on 1 May 2015 on
      AFRS New Release webpage  .
      You will also receive notification of the selects and non-selects through
      MyPers (MyPers Link) secure
      personnel channels prior to 5 May 2015.
      The second attachment is the Active Duty Selection instructions for you to
      provide to your selectees with instructions on attaining TS clearances,
      flying class physicals, etc. Your selectee’s can contact [AFRS POC Name and email address]
      after reading the provided instructions. My POC for only commander related
      concerns is [Commander POC] who can be reached at [POC Number].
      Thanks for your support and congratulations on all your selects!
    • Attachment 1 was the official memorandum with the number of AD selects, and the rank, name, select AFSC, and PAS code of each select.
    • Attachment 2 was the AD select instructions, same as on the SharePoint.
  • The official press release soon followed, I can’t remember which day.

After you find out you are a select you are on your own to complete the applicable taskers outlined in the AD select instructions.  As an applicant I was able to download the AD select instructions from SharePoint so I already knew the basic requirements prior to my selection notification.  I am not superstitious but it still felt a little wrong to view the file!  But in the end it did help me know what to expect.

TFIT/TFOT class dates are assigned by AFRS/RSOC, and won’t be assigned until you are qualified.  Qualified means completing all of the taskings in the AD select letter.  Here are the basics for me as a 13S select:
  • Fitness Program requirements – I already pass my PT tests so I didn’t have to worry about anything.
  • AAC 05 update.  For me this was done automatically.  The expiration is extended to one year from the date you were selected for OTS.
  • GTC Mission Critical Status.  This is done during out-processing.  It essentially allows you to attend OTS and use your card for official purchases without worrying about paying the bill until you are done.  The update is made by your unit GTC POC, and it is a quick update.
  • Conferred degree/transcript – Someone from the forums called the school house asked if the transcript had to be sent directly from your college to the school house, or if a student could bring a “student copy”.  They were told a student copy is fine as long as it is official (i.e., not a photograph of the official document with their phone).
  • Physical for 13S – From my understanding a Class III physical is no longer required for 13S.  Here is what I had to do:
    • Color Vision Test
    • Depth Perception
    • Hearing Test
    • Fill out DD 2807/DD2808 so your PCM can document your medical status.
    • I used the same AF FM 422 I used when I applied.  It was signed by the doc six months prior and it worked.
    • Email 422 and DD FM 2808 to the email provided.
  • Security Clearance – 13S requires a TS but I already have one, so I did nothing.
  • Base Choices – I emailed my base choices to AFRS the following week.  13S has ten choices so I picked my eight.  Use the spreadsheet on AFRS to pick your choices, not AMS.  I tried to vet my choices against THRMIS but officer manning for all bases was way over 100%.  A few selects received assignments to bases on the spreadsheet, but squadrons which were not even in AMS.

  • Wed, 4/29 – Unofficial notification of selection from my commander.
  • Fri, 5/1 – Official notification of selection.
  • Sat, 5/2 – I sent in my 8 base choices.
  • Mon, 5/4 – I began working with my MDG.  They gave me taskings as they discovered them and I knocked them out ASAP.  Taskings included color/depth, turn in 2807/2808, hearing test, then PCM.
  • Wed, 5/27 – PCM signed my paperwork.  I submitted to AFRS.
  • Fri, 5/29 – Received email from Rose stating I was in TFIT/TFOT 16-02, letter forthcoming.
  • Tue, 6/9 – Received official class notification email with letter.

15OT02 Select! Selection/BOT Timeline

Here is my general timeline of events:

  • 21 Jan 15 – I think I submitted my application on 21 Jan 15, the deadline was 23 Jan 15.
  • Estimated release pushed to 13 Mar 15, 10 Apr 15, 24 Apr 15, then 1 May 15.
  • My commander informed me I was an AD select for 13S on 29 Apr 15.  I think civilians found out later than night.
  • Official AF press release was on 1 May.
Medical Qualification
  • I actually downloaded the AD Select Instructions long before the release date because SharePoint was down so much (especially around release dates).  As a 13S my task list was as follows:
    • Email base choices.  I had my bases picked long before.  I used THRMIS to get a feel for manning and picked based on location.  13S only has ten choices so it was fairly easy.
    • Fitness Program.  No action required, just be ready to pass the PT test.
    • AAC 05 Update – Again no action required.  My AAC 05 expiration was automatically updated to one year from my selection date.
    • Retainability – I was in until 2018 so N/A for me.
    • GTC Mission Critical – Very easy, no action until closer to PCS.
    • Official Transcript – I will order my transcript and have them sent to BOT when we get closer.
    • 13S Specific:
      • Physical Update.  In addition to the AF Form 422 I did to apply, I now needed a DD Form 2807 and DD Form 2808.  The 2808 required:
        • Talk to “Medical Standards” within Flight Med.  They oversaw the process.
        • Medical Standards did a depth perception and color test.
        • Medical Standards told me to see my PCM for a commissioning physical.  They filled in my 2808.
        • Medical Standards also told me to do an Optometry appointment.  Optometry re-did my depth perception and color vision test.
      • Top Secret (SSBI) – Already done from my current AFSC.
BOT Class Date Timeline
  • Emailed Rose my base choices on 4 May 15.
  • Emailed Rose my medical paperwork on 27 May 15.
  • Received an email from Rose unofficially telling me my class date will by 16-02 (Starts 6 Oct 15) on 29 May 15.
  • Received official class letter on 9 Jun 15!  Others have received their assignment within ten days.