I know most of you are most interested in my perspective of the application, but there is a void of information for what happens after you are told you are a select.  Here is a basic breakdown.  Keep in mind some of this may only be for 13S selects.

  • Your board release date will probably be pushed back.  Updates can be found both on the AF Portal BOT web site and the SharePoint.
  • Expect it to be pushed back again, and again, and again.
  • Someone on airforceotsforums will post they talked to Rose and results should be coming out soon.
  • Someone on airforceotsforums is a select!  Where is your commander and what is he doing?
  • My commander visited my office to personally inform me I was a select on 29 April.
  • For 15OT02 my commander received an email with two attachments and the following text.


Attached is the official active duty enlisted applicant selection results from the 15OT02 Total Force Officer Training (formerly called Basic Officer Training) Non-Rated Selection Board that convened on 2 – 6 March 2015.

We are providing you this list so that you can notify your members immediately of their selection prior to AFRS public release on 1 May 2015 on AFRS New Release webpage http://www.rs.af.mil/library/pressreleases/index.asp.

You will also receive notification of the selects and non-selects through MyPers (MyPers Link) secure personnel channels prior to 5 May 2015.

The second attachment is the Active Duty Selection instructions for you to provide to your selectees with instructions on attaining TS clearances, flying class physicals, etc. Your selectee’s can contact [AFRS POC Name and email address] after reading the provided instructions. My POC for only commander related concerns is [Commander POC] who can be reached at [POC Number].

Thanks for your support and congratulations on all your selects!

  • Attachment 1 was the official memorandum with the number of AD selects, and the rank, name, select AFSC, and PAS code of each select.
  • Attachment 2 was the AD select instructions, same as on the SharePoint.
  • The official press release soon followed, I can’t remember which day.

After you find out you are a select you are on your own to complete the applicable taskers outlined in the AD select instructions.  As an applicant I was able to download the AD select instructions from SharePoint so I already knew the basic requirements prior to my selection notification.  I am not superstitious but it still felt a little wrong to view the file!  But in the end it did help me know what to expect.

TFIT/TFOT class dates are assigned by AFRS/RSOC, and won’t be assigned until you are qualified.  Qualified means completing all of the taskings in the AD select letter.  Here are the basics for me as a 13S select:

  • Fitness Program requirements – I already pass my PT tests so I didn’t have to worry about anything.
  • AAC 05 update.  For me this was done automatically.  The expiration is extended to one year from the date you were selected for OTS.
  • GTC Mission Critical Status.  This is done during out-processing.  It essentially allows you to attend OTS and use your card for official purchases without worrying about paying the bill until you are done.  The update is made by your unit GTC POC, and it is a quick update.
  • Conferred degree/transcript – Someone from the forums called the school house asked if the transcript had to be sent directly from your college to the school house, or if a student could bring a “student copy”.  They were told a student copy is fine as long as it is official (i.e., not a photograph of the official document with their phone).
  • Physical for 13S – From my understanding a Class III physical is no longer required for 13S.  Here is what I had to do:
    • Color Vision Test
    • Depth Perception
    • Hearing Test
    • Fill out DD 2807/DD2808 so your PCM can document your medical status.
    • I used the same AF FM 422 I used when I applied.  It was signed by the doc six months prior and it worked.
    • Email 422 and DD FM 2808 to the email provided.
  • Security Clearance – 13S requires a TS but I already have one, so I did nothing.
  • Base Choices – I emailed my base choices to AFRS the following week.  13S has ten choices so I picked my eight.  Use the spreadsheet on AFRS to pick your choices, not AMS.  I tried to vet my choices against THRMIS but officer manning for all bases was way over 100%.  A few selects received assignments to bases on the spreadsheet, but squadrons which were not even in AMS.
  • Wed, 4/29 – Unofficial notification of selection from my commander.
  • Fri, 5/1 – Official notification of selection.
  • Sat, 5/2 – I sent in my 8 base choices.
  • Mon, 5/4 – I began working with my MDG.  They gave me taskings as they discovered them and I knocked them out ASAP.  Taskings included color/depth, turn in 2807/2808, hearing test, then PCM.
  • Wed, 5/27 – PCM signed my paperwork.  I submitted to AFRS.
  • Fri, 5/29 – Received email from Rose stating I was in TFIT/TFOT 16-02, letter forthcoming.
  • Tue, 6/9 – Received official class notification email with letter.