As I said in another post, class dates are assigned once you are qualified.  Here is what I know about how Rose assigns the class dates once you are qualified.

  • Overseas selects will receive the class date which most closely aligns with their DEROS.  It is after their DEROS, selects will have to apply for an extension.  If it is before, selects will have to apply for a curtailment.  The Air Force is just trying to save money so I don’t think AFRS has a lot of flexibility with this.
  • I was told stateside selects will receive class assignments based on the Date Available For Training date you put on your Form 56.  This makes sense to me but I don’t think it is a hard requirement.  It is probably just how Rose deals with the massive stack of paperwork.
  • Civilians have to do MEPS and start the security clearance from scratch which normally takes longer, but the class dates for my board were all over the place.  It seemed like Rose used civilians to fill the gaps in the classes.
  • Some civilians and military were assigned to the later “15-” courses, but most were assigned to “16-“
  • OS military were generally assigned to class dates close to their DEROS, CONUS were generally assigned in order of when Rose processed their paperwork.
  • Age criticals were first.
  • Join the Facebook page for your board and keep a pulse on what dates people are getting.  Usually people will call and be told 16-01 is full for example, so piecing the puzzle together you can generally guess you will be in 02 or 03.
  • For 16-02 there is a 16-02B and 16-02R.  No-one in my board knows what it means.  Some speculate flight but I think it is more likely which school house you are heading to.
  • Fri 5/29 – Rose sent me a quick email telling me 16-02, letter forthcoming.
  • Tue, 6/9 – Received official email from Rose to me, my CC was Cc’d.  The letter stated the following and had two attachments.


1.  Congratulations on your selection and good luck in your future career as an officer in the USAF.
2.  Please see attachments for your class letter and information from OTS.  You will receive a courtesy copy of your assignment notification (by email) that will be sent to your base FSS from AFPC; this is in lieu of an assignment RIP.  The assignment will not be in MILPDS since this part of the process as not been automated.  Your FSS will also generate manual orders for your TDY enroute PCS.  You may use your class letter with a memorandum from your commander asking the FSS to use the class letter in lieu of orders to initiate out-processing i.e. initial PCS appointment, out-processing checklist etc.
3. Also remember you need to provide an official transcript, a certified
diploma, or an official letter from the degree-granting institution,
reflecting degree, major, day, month, and year awarded upon your arrival to OTS.  In all cases, final transcripts are required prior to commissioning at OTS.  When final transcripts are not available on upon arrival to OTS, they must be mailed within 6 weeks to:  [address].
ATTACHMENT 1 – Official Memorandum:

SUBJECT: Initial Basic Officer Training (BOT) Class Notification for [name]

1. This memorandum serves as an official notification that the Officer Trainee (OT) listed above is tentatively assigned to BOT Class 1602B wich a class report and start date of 6 OCT 15 and a projected graduation date of 11 DEC 15.  The OT is assigned to AF specialty 13S1, Space Operations Officer.

2.  The OT’s information was forwarded to HQ AFPC/DPSIP for assignment processing and official notification to the OT’s servicing MPF.  Please allow ample time for assignment processing.

3.  Please ensure you review the Officer Training School (OTS) website at then click on officer training school link at the top, center of the page,

4.  OT’s must arrive and in-process OTS between 1000 and 1700 hrs on the schedule class start date.  Early arrivals are not authorized.

5.  Please do not call AFPC/DPSIP.  If you are currently in the CONUS and you have not received notification within 30 days of departure; or if you are currently OS and you are within 60 days of departure contact us at DSN XXX-XXXX or email [email address].

ATTACHMENT 2 – BOT Talking Paper

This is basically the same thing as the AD reporting instructions on the web site.  There is a little bit of extra information but it is also dated 2013 in the footnote so I assume it is a little outdated.