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FY2016 Line Officer Board Schedule

Disclaimer:  I do not have a need to stay up-to-date on the board schedule.  I will do my best to keep this updated for you all, but if you notice a discrepancy please post a comment to let me know.

Last update:  23 August 2016

Basically the first thing you should do is check the schedule to see when the next upcoming board is.  Check the SharePoint of AF Portal sites for the most up-to-date information because it changes often.

Board #
Application cut-off
Board Date
Estimated Release Date

16OT01 (Non-Rated)
4 Sep 15
19-23 Oct 15
18 Dec 15 (pushed back from 4 Dec 15)

30 Oct 15
18-20 Nov 15
18 Dec 15

16OT02 (Rated)
4 Jan 16 (pushed back from 23 Nov 15)
25-29 Jan 16
4 Mar 16

16OT03 (Non-Rated)
8 Feb 16 (pushed back from 15 Jan 16)
29 Feb – 4 Mar 16
15 Apr 16 (Delayed!  Estimated delay is approximately three weeks)

20 Jun 16 (pushed back from 6 Jun 16)
11-15 Jul 16
5 Aug 16

16OT04 (Rated)
27 Jun 16 (pushed back from 13 Jun 16)
25-29 Jul 16
31 Aug 16
9 Sep 16? – unconfirmed


  1. Applications must be loaded in share point and at HQ processor level in AFRISS TF by Cut-off daet.  Late applications will not be processed.
  2. Board schedule may change depending on Line Officer Accession target adjustments as needed by AF/A1.
  3. GPA waivers are only considered for exceptional Rated/Non-Rated applicants with a minimum cumulative score of 150 when adding the AFOQT sub-scores of Academic Aptitude (AA), Verbal (V), and Quantitative (Q), and additionally a minimum AA score of 60 is required. ***Refer to FY16 BOT Line Officer Handbook.***
  4. AFOQT waivers will NOT be entertained.

EDIT 7/29/2015:  This stuff changes frequently so post a comment if something is outdated, and I will fix it.  Thanks!

EDIT 9/11/2015:  Updated with the latest info from SharePoint.

EDIT 12/21/2015:  Updated Note 1 and board dates with latest info from SharePoint.

EDIT 3/17/2016:  Crossed off completed boards.

EDIT 4/30/2016:  Updated info for 16OT03 board.

EDIT 8/23/2016:  Crossed off 16OTTDSP and 16OT04 application and board dates.

EDIT 9/4/2016:  Added 9 Sep 16 date to 16OT04 board.

EDIT 9/13/2016:  Lined through all boards due to final board release PSDM.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi, is 4 September still the application cut-off for 16OT01?

  2. As far as I know, yes. I just checked the schedule on the Air Force Portal, but for some reason I can't check the SharePoint which probably has the best info.

  3. Thanks for maintaining this website it is very helpful. I hope to get picked up on the 16OT03

  4. You're welcome. Good luck. Feel free to email me your stuff and I will provide input.

  5. Does anyone know the process of being one year away from obtaining a bachelor's and applying. Is it a waiver and how many classes is considered a year?

  6. Thank you for your question, I had to look it up in the AFI and BOT guide. I posted your question and answer here. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  7. What dates are medical review/waiver boards expected to occur? My wife applied for the 16OCT1 board but wasn't sure if she'd even make it to the board because she didn't know if she had been medically cleared.

  8. I have no direct knowledge of the medical programs, but one of my friends just received a call from his girlfriend that her medical (nurse) package was accepted and the Surgeon General just approved the medical problems she was having. I hope that helps. That was September 29, around 2pm mountain time.

  9. My application for the 16OT01 board still says downloaded, pending QC. How close to the board date did your application say board ready?

  10. Mine said downloaded, pending QC until the middle of the board week. I think they switched it to board ready on Wednesday or Thursday, when they started the AD board. Don't stress the SharePoint updates.

  11. dani

    Have you heard about board release dates for 16OT01 changing at all? Or is it still set to release on 4 Dec? Where will it be posted?

  12. All updates are posted on the AFRS web site or Air Force Portal. The best way to stay up-to-date on board schedule changes is to stay current with the airforceots forums.

  13. Anonymous

    16OT01 Results today!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I checked the forums and it said more delays?!? I hope you guys don't have to wait too long.

  16. Where did you get this board schedule?

  17. It should be good info. May I ask what your concern is?

  18. Is there another non-rated board scheduled for later in 2016?

  19. Thanks for this info. This is the easiest and best place for me to find it, since I'm not currently in the air force, and don't have access to the share point. Just waiting for one waiver, and hope I can get in to the January board.

  20. As far as I know the next NR board for this year is 16OT03 with applications due on 8 Feb. If you miss that one there probably won't be another NR board until the beginning of next year.

  21. I'm glad this is useful for you. Since my blog isn't directly linked to the ultimate sources my biggest fear is that I am pushing out bad information. I do my best to keep it updated but I am glad it is useful if you can't get in touch with your recruiter or don't have the access. Be sure you stay up to date with the forums because the people there are much better and publishing current info.

  22. Thank you! I appreciate the info!

  23. After being selected, how long until you go to ots? I hope to apply in February, and should hear back in April. Would it be a late summer, early fall class date?

  24. It really depends on a million different factors. If you are AD there are certain things you have to do after selection which will hold up the class date assignment process. If you are civilian you have to do medical and security clearance paperwork which takes longer. Here is my post about my timelines as an AD select.

  25. Anonymous

    Is 16OTTDSP a rated or non rated bored

  26. TDSP is a technical program. I think if you are accepted you become an A1C while you finish your degree. After you are finished you go to OTS and are slotted for a technical position as a 2d Lt. I think that is the gist of it but I could be way off.

  27. Are AFOQT score waivers being accepted at this time? My recruiter told me the rest of my application was flawless, my LORs are great and my interview was outstanding. All that is holding me back is and AFOQT waiver for my verbal score of 14.

  28. Are AFOQT score waivers being accepted at this time? My recruiter told me that my application is perfect, my LORs are great and that my interview went perfect. All that is holding me back was a score of 13 on the verbal section on my AFOQT. I would hate to see this one factor disqualify my application for the time being.

  29. When is the next nonrated board? Is it in August 2016?

  30. I think I read something about AFOQT waivers… this may be a good question for the forums. Depending on how soon you want to apply, I also recommend taking the AFOQT again if you can. If that is the lowest portion of your package you would want to remove the anomaly to give yourself the best chance.

  31. Reply in above comment. Good luck on your application!

  32. I haven't checked lately, but I don't think the FY17 dates are released yet. Usually the board dates are similar from year to year though, so I would expect Aug/Sep application deadlines.

  33. Anonymous

    If someone applies to a rated board and is not selected, do they have the option of applying to the next non-rated board if it is within six months?

  34. Once you wait the six months you can apply for any board. If six months have not elapsed you can look into requesting a waiver but you have to have a good reason.

  35. Anonymous

    What would be a good reason for requesting a waiver?

  36. I don't have a lot of experiences with waivers. I would say a good reason would be if you had a big life event occur which greatly improves your package (finished Masters degree or promoted to district manager) or if you are age critical.

  37. Anonymous


    I have a question regarding the pay. Do I get paid while i am in the Officer Training School? If so, do you know how much? Thanks.

  38. Yes, you will get paid as an E-5 with probably zero years TIS. Search military pay charts and that will be your base pay. You will also get BAS I think but I'm not sure what the net pay is. I remember there were some good forum posts on this on the airforceots forums. If you find a good post link it to me and I'll copy it into a post on my blog.

  39. Anonymous

    Has anyone heard anything about 16OT03 board results yet? I know tentative release date is 15 Apr but being this close with no announcement makes me think they are going to push it back, like they always do. Any word would be appreciated. Thanks!

  40. I have a question, I have exceeded minimum standards to qualify for a rated position but I have a family (with a house and mortgage) and my debt/income ratio for going to OTS is unfavorable, which my recruiter says will keep me from attending the only rated board for this year, are there any waivers for such a predicament? Does a financial waiver exist to attend the rated board?

  41. I believe an unfavorable debt/income ratio is an issue for all boards rated or non-rated, but I could be wrong. Yes, there is a waiver called a FED but I do not have any details on it because I have never helped anyone with one. I'm not even sure what FED stands for off the top of my head. Shoot me an email at and I'll see if I can do some initial digging for you later tonight or tomorrow. This would also be a good search or question for the airforceots forums.

  42. Anonymous

    This blog is really helpful. The only worry many people have (including myself) is waiting to know if we have been selected… It's such a long wait and I know I'm getting very anxious!
    Again, thank you for your help and postings.

  43. Thank you for your comment. I wish you the best of luck for the upcoming results! The wait is excruciating. I enjoy blogging my journey so I plan to keep it up for as long as you guys will read.

  44. Thank you for your comment. I wish you the best of luck for the upcoming results! The wait is excruciating. I enjoy blogging my journey so I plan to keep it up for as long as you guys will read.

  45. R. Whit

    I was selected for the 16OTRPA board with a FED. Just fill it out like the guide says and make sure the individual whose signing your “56” is aware of the situation. If they are good with the reason (if it's just because you have a mortgage without a lot of bankruptcy/negative financial comments) then you just have to replace your last bullet on your 56 with the required statement and go about your day. It's really not a big deal.

  46. R. Whit

    16OT03 was pushed to (I think) 29 April release.

  47. Oh, wow that sounds very straight forward. Good info, thanks.

  48. Thank you. I didn't even think about putting a note on here for that.

  49. Hello, how soon would I go to the training school after the relase date? I am in 16OT03 board and i was wondering if i could make the July OTS. Thanks in advance.

  50. I went around four months after selection but it will be different for everyone based on medical clearance, security clearance, etc.

  51. Anonymous

    Has anyone heard is the release date is still 29 April?

  52. Anyone heard anything yet?

  53. I just checked and the official word was, “The Release for the 16OT03 Non-rated board has been delayed. Estimated delay timeframe is approximately three weeks.”

  54. You may have more luck on airforceots forums. The people there are much more in-tune with the minute to minute play-by-play.

  55. So I recently found out from my recruiter that the decision was a no for the non rated board. He cited my GPA (2.67). I had an overall cumulative score on my AFOQT of the AA, Q and V of 172 (but AA was 58). That doesn't guarantee that GPA is waived correct?

    And do you think it's worth it to try again on the non-rated board? Or to try rated the next time?

  56. They just changed the GPA minimum to 2.5 so you meet the requirement. Even if you didn't having an AA of 58 means you are barely eligible for a waiver, but this is moot because you meet the minimum GPA requirement and don't need a waiver. It is always worth it to try again. Send me your application and I'll see if I can provide a neutral third party perspective so you can brainstorm how to improve it.

  57. Antonio, For some reason I can't reply to the emails you sent me. Feel free to email me your application and I would be glad to provide input on it. I also answered one of your other questions so hopefully we can reconnect.

  58. Anonymous

    I have a few questions:
    1) How long does it usually take from submission of your OTS application to actually going to OTS? I want to apply in Dec and hope to leave right after I graduate in May.

    2) Will an average first few years of college hold me back? I have just realized that I want to join the Air Force and in the year prior I did poorly in college (2.0 that year; 3.1 GPA overall), but I can reach a 3.29 if I do what I am supposed. Will that one poor year hurt my chances?

    3) Just wondering, why have they lowered the GPA from 3.0 to 2.5? And will a 3.29 be good enough to get in? I ask about the 3.29 because a Navy officer recruiter told me that a 3.3 would not be good enough.

    I apologize for asking so much at one time.

  59. Keep the questions coming! Feel free to email me as well if that is easier.

    1) The timeline is hard to judge. I would say people typically ship out 6-9 months after board results are released but everyone's situation is going to be different. Keep in mind it is also common for board result release dates to be pushed back. Here is my timeline:

    2) As far as I know final/overall GPA is what matters most, but your first year will be evident on your transcript if they look at it. From what I understand you have an academic board score where they assess your college, AFOQT, etc so this would come into play here. The 'chances' are very big picture so it isn't really graded like that. Shoot for the highest GPA you can get and just roll with it. Make every other aspect of your application as strong as possible and that is basically all you can do.

    3) I think they lowered the GPA because they want to get as many good applicants boarded and through OTS as possible. I would guess the board staff did an evaluation of what was keeping good people from being selected and how much the GPA really means for officer potential (very little) so they lowered it to get more applicants. Your GPA either meets requirements or it doesn't. 4.0 would be strongly competitive when compared to perfect AFOQT scores, and 2.5 would be weak. 3.29 is well above the 2.5 line so there is no reason in my opinion that it would not be competitive. The GPA is such a small part of the application though so you also need to be thinking about AFOQT, other aspects of education such as writing/resume writing skills, leadership skills, experience, and everything else I talk about in my blog.

  60. Anonymous


    I'm applying for 16OTTDSP however my Afoqt score was 20 for verbal but I needed 25 for qualifications. But I did well on all the other sections: passed physical, did well during interview, passed GPA requirements, and passed math portion of afoqt. Do you think I have a chance or not really?

  61. You will have to pass the AFOQT minimums to even apply. Are you able to test again? The AFOQT is one portion of the academic area of your application. I have heard others assessed areas include leadership, adaptability, and Letter of Recommendations. In other words the AFOQT is a small portion of the assessed areas so I encourage you to meet the minimums then absolutely apply. A third factor is that I understand TDSP is always in need so AFOQT impact may be different. It really depends on the specific board and the others who applied though.

  62. Anonymous

    Thanks. If I plan on applying in Dec when should I start getting things together. I read a few other posts and it seeems like I have to take the AFOQT before I can do anything else. In what order do things go, i.e AFOQT, interview, physical, application, etc.

  63. Anonymous

    I forgot to ask one more thing. Since I do not want to become a pilot I am thinking about shifting my focus from that portion of the AFOQT to the others. Is this a good idea or do they look at the overall score rather than the individual ones?

  64. Yes take the AFOQT ASAP because it can take a while to get results back (they are snail-mailed to Randolph. You should start everything else as soon as possible so you can better judge the timelines for your personal situation. Medical and the PIF review can take a while (if you are prior). The CC bullets and interview can also take time. There is no set order, you just have to have them all done prior to submission. You should strive for the best scores you can get for the AFOQT. You never know if things change and you can only take the AFOQT twice in your life. Also, I am not sure to what extent your scores are scrutinized for academics but it may look weird if you ace the quantitative but bomb the pilot/nav. That may be interpreted as a negative impression of your character.

  65. Tamara

    How many boards a year for non-rated? Is it always two? And does this mean there are two OTS classes a year?

  66. For the past two years there have been two NR boards. They readjust the quotas and schedule every year, but I would expect to continue to see two. No, for OTS I think there are around eight classes every year. OTS commissions everyone not just NR so they have to have more classes.

  67. Has the release date for 16OTTDSP (August 5) been delayed?

  68. I just checked the SharePoint and didn't see any updates on the 16OTTDSP board.

  69. Anonymous

    How often are their delays for release dates? For 16OT04, is 31 AUG when Commanders are notified or will it be publicly released at that time? I have not heard a word from anyone or the website of any updates so I am assuming that it is delayed.

  70. Delays are common. Usually the results are on MyPers on the public release date. I'll log in later to see if there is anthing on a delay.

  71. Anonymous

    The result was release today in MyPers for 16OT04.

  72. Thanks for posting this! I'll also put a note on the Facebook page.

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