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FY2018 TFOT Schedule

Here is the official TFOT class schedule.  It was posted on the Air Force Portal on May 11, 2017.

NOTE:  These are the TFOT class dates, NOT the TFOT board dates.

Class# Start Date Grad Date Training Days
18-01 12-Sep-17 9-Nov-17 42
18-02 19-Sep-17 17-Nov-17 42
18-03 9-Jan-18 9-Mar-18 42
18-04 17-Jan-18 16-Mar-18 42
18-05 28-Mar-18 24-May-18 42
18-06 10-Apr-18 8-Jun-18 42
18-07 19-Jun-18 17-Aug-18 42
18-08 26-Jun-18 24-Aug-18 42

I counted out the business days for each start/grad date and they varied from 42 to 44.  Once I accounted for federal holidays and typical MAJCOM four-day weekends (e.g., Independence Day, Memorial Day, etc.) the number of Training Days (TD’s) was 42 for each class.  This is also roughly 8 1/2 weeks.

Source Image From Facebook:
FY18 TFOT Class Dates

TFIT Removal Letter:

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UPDATE:  5/14/2017 added official FY2018 memo.