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FY2017 Line Officer Board Schedule

Disclaimer:  I do not have a need to stay up-to-date on the board schedule.  I will do my best to keep this updated for you all, but if you notice a discrepancy please post a comment to let me know.

The 2017 schedule was released!  Here are the dates:

Basically the first thing you should do is check the schedule to see when the next upcoming board is.  Check the SharePoint of AF Portal sites for the most up-to-date information because it changes often.

This is the schedule which applies to those who wish to apply for one of the OTS boards.

Board #
Application cut-off
Board Date
Estimated Release Date

17OT01 (Non-Rated)
19 Sep 16
20-24 Mar 17 24-28 Oct 16 
28 Apr 17 21 Apr 17 5 Dec 16 

17OT02 (Rated)
17 Jan 17 15 Dec 16
13-17 Feb 17 23-24 Jan 17
31 Mar 17 To Be Determined* 24 Mar 17* 17 Mar 17 3 Mar 17

17OT03 Active Duty
17 Apr 17
15-19 May 17
16 Jun 17

17OT04 Civilian
22 May 17
03-07 Jul 17 19-23 Jun 17
18 Aug 17 04 Aug 17 21 Jul 17
*Civilians notified by recruiters on 22 Aug 17.

17OT05 Active Duty
12 Jun 17
31 Jul-04 Aug 17 17-21 Jul 17
15 Sep 17 01 Sep 17 18 Aug 17
*CC notification 15 Sep 17, official release the following week (see below)
*People on Facebook starting to get notified on 18 Sep 17

17OT06 CAD Civilian
Rolling 24 Jul 17
Rolling 21-25 Aug 17
Rolling 22 Sep 17

17OT07 Active Duty CANCELLED
21 Aug 17
18-22 Sep 17
20 Oct 17

1.  Applications must be received NLT midnight on the app cutoff date at HQ AFRS.
2.  Applications will only be accepted for AFSCs identified in Line Officer Dashboard.
3.  “Active Duty” boards are for current enlisted REGAF applicants only.
4.  Starting on 17OT03 boards will accept both Rated and Non-Rated applications.

Here is the link to the 17OT07 update:

EDIT 10/12/2016:  Updated with extensive changes to the schedule.

EDIT 01/20/2017:  Updated with January 2017 changes.

EDIT 03/17/2017:  17OT02 board results delayed to 24 March 2017.

EDIT 03/31/2017:  Lined through 17OT02 and highlighted next board.

EDIT 04/13/2017:  Added AF Portal update for 17OT01.

EDIT 06/28/2017:  Deleted all the extra stuff and deleted 17OT07 board due to the latest update.

EDIT 07/25/2017:  Changed estimated release date for 17OT04 and 17OT05.

EDIT 09/25/2017:  Updated info for 17OT04 and 17OT05.

EDIT 09/18/2017:  Updated 17OT05.

FY17 Board Schedule v6 (25 Jul 17)


  1. Sir, is there a civilian friendly website that posts up to date information for the board schedule? I do not have a CAC to use for the purpose of logging into the Air Force portal.

  2. Yes, I just checked and the above dates are still current.

  3. I will not be able to put in my packet until the 17OT03 Board, will this hurt my chances of being picked up? I am currently Army reserves and I am really excited about the opportunity. I saw your resume examples and although I have awards and one deployment I do not have anything close to what you have listed. We really do not have soldier of the year boards or of the quarter. Is their a list of what Jobs that they need for Officers in the Non-Rated boards? I feel like the only thing the AF really needs is all in Rated. Any advice would be great.

  4. Waiting for later boards won't hurt your chances at all because all boards are independent. I can't really think of any reason why it would unless your life and career go stagnant through that period and you make no progression at all. I think the board will understand the Army is different than the AF but you will still want to find a way which you stand out if you can. Being selected to brief a Gen for example fan even be highlighted, it just depends on what you have to work with. The AF needs both rated and non rated, although rated acceptance rates have been slightly higher in the past (not sure about now). Recruiters sometimes get a list of quotas but often hold the information fairly close so they may be hard to get (if they exist). The good news is you are either a select or nonselective, then they pick your job (not the other way around).

  5. Anonymous

    Is there any way to know what OTS class # you would be in (if you get selected) before the board actually selects anyone?

  6. No the class dates are assigned by hand after selection based on a number of different factors

  7. Do you think the NAF boards will only target AFSCs that are critically manned? I was thinking about contracting officer or acquisition manager, but I do not think those are in high demand. Also, I read somewhere that RPA candidates can go for age waivers. Have you heard about this too? Thank you in advance.

  8. I have almost no information on this, but I don't think “NAF” necessarily means critically manned fields, it could also mean career fields with projected low manning. I wish I knew how it would work for sure.

    I couldn't find any current info on the age waivers but here is what I posted earlier this year. Check out number 10.

  9. airforceotsguy,

    I was wondering if we are permitted to apply for both a rated and non-rated board at the same time, or are we restricted to one at a time? I am asking this because, while I would enjoy operating in a capacity that aligns with my academic discipline (non-rated position), the possibility of serving as an RPA pilot due to the ETP for age requirements is equally appealing. I want to maximize my chances by applying for either and vaguely recall that this is permitted.

    Can you please clarify this? Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. I appreciate what you do here and am eagerly looking forward to your response.

    Sascha N.

  10. I think so. There used to be a rule where you had to wait six months between applications, but they got ride of it for FY2017. I am not sure if they are going to bring it back for the upcoming boards though since everything has changed so much, but it is likely (IMO) that it will remain and you will be able to apply for both.

  11. Fantastic. I will try to reach out through my contacts as well as the education center on-base to see if a definitive answer can be given.

    Thank you for your time, sir.

  12. Hello

    I wanted to first thank you for keeping us updated and laying out a format for the package to help us start. I do have a question about the 17OT02 board. Would you happen to know when the submission link is active? Last Thursday 15 Dec I checked the share point and the “add item” link was available to submit the application. I planned on submitting after that day but the “add item” link disappeared and until today it is still gone. Would you happen to have some additional info on what's been going on? Again,thank you so much for your help!

  13. Anonymous


    Where did you find the schedule that says 170T02 is due 17 Jan 17?

  14. I found it on Air Force Portal, a site accessible to active duty Air Force personnel. It says it was updated on 6 Oct 16 and I just confirmed today that it still says 17 Jan 17 for 17OT02.

  15. I think I emailed you back, but I checked today and it looks like it is open now! Perhaps you were having trouble with your browser but check again. Good luck!

  16. airforceotsguy,

    Where can we find the AFSC's that the NAF boards are looking for?

  17. Recruiters should have that info closer to when the board is due to start.

  18. Sir,

    Unless I am misunderstanding your 1/20/2017 edit, it seems like civilians and active duty Airmen will have their own boards. In your opinion, how do you think this will affect the acceptance rates for civilians regarding non-rated AFSCs? Also, do you think military veterans have even a slight advantage over those without military service. Thank you.

  19. Yes I agree, it seems like they are trying to simplify the boards. Instead of trying to process civilians and AD during each board it makes sense to only do one or the other. This would make it much easier for both the boards and the administrative support personnel.

    I don't really know how it will impact quotas, if at all. If you think about it big picture the numbers the AF needs are going to be the numbers the AF needs. The source isn't really going to matter much. The biggest impact from the change would be if you applied for a NR position and they could throw you in a rated position. I don't know if they will be able to do this but when I applied I knew I was going to get any NR job and I wouldn't be required to be a pilot or anything like that. If they allow one to cross over to the other, it can seriously change an applicant's potential path.

    So yeah, I don't think the quotas will change at all. I think this just makes it easier for them and allows for more flexibility to adapt to big AF changes.

    I would say military veterans may have an advantage if they allowed their military experience to mold who they are or what they did for jobs. If it was a period of your life that you blocked out and didn't learn anything from, it doesn't contribute to your whole person concept. If you did learn from your experience and incorporated your prior service into who you are, and after re-joining the civilian sector you were inspired to re-join again, it can be a powerful story. A person would want to be careful to not paint the picture that you got sick of the military and gave up as an enlisted person, and just want to see if the officer life is any better.

    Sorry the kiddos are running around like crazy so this isn't a very fluid response.

  20. ArmyContracting

    I am currently active with 11 yrs, 31y/o, BS 3.05 Secret clearance, O8, O7, O6 LOR. Would I be able to apply? and to what board. Thanks

  21. You should be able to at least with your age and GPA. Your LOR has to be in your current chain of command and no higher than senior rater though. Take a look here for more guidance, then be sure to look directly in the TFOT guide.

  22. Anonymous

    Hey everyone, I am a civilian 30 y/o, 3.68 GPA that is trying to join as a civilian non-rated. Am I reading your charts right, that I don't need to have my application in until 5/22/17, with a decision of 7/21/17? Also, is there a public link for these board dates? When would you recommend I start speaking to a recruiter? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  23. Yes you are reading those dates right. The application deadline is 5/22/17 but they will open up the application sight a little bit earlier, so plan on having everything 100% good to go a few weeks prior to. Your recruiter will fill you in more on that.

    This is probably “the” public link for the board dates. The source of this information is restricted to active duty military personnel but certain things we are able to pull out for public dissemination.

    The application takes time so engage a recruiter right now! Check out my “Start Here” tag.

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks for the information. I'm applying for the 17OT04 board. What does it mean that I can only apply for the AFSCs on the Line Officer Dashboard? Where can I find those?

  25. I think the dashboard is something which will outline the available slots for available AFSCs. I think it opens 30 days prior to the board, other than that I haven't heard any more details yet.

  26. Anonymous

    I see. And do you happen to know how long the wait generally is if I were selected in July? My recruiter said the class date was going to be in January or February of 2018. Thanks.

  27. Generally it takes 6-12 months from selection to actually starting OTS depending on your individual medical and security requirements. Jan/Feb sounds about right unless there are complications.

  28. Do the results usually come exactly on that date or is that just a time frame and they can come before or after?
    I'm awaiting this rated board and am curious what to expect.

  29. The “Estimated Release Date” is the estimated public release. Usually results trickle out a day or two prior to this which gives recruiters and commander's the opportunity to personally notify selects. This date is often delayed though, sometimes weeks, sometimes months. I am usually pretty good about posting updates though. Usually.

  30. Thank you so much!
    I haven't been given much information on the process, and your site has been a tremendous help through it all!
    Thank you.

  31. You're welcome! I'm glad to help.

  32. Anonymous

    Are the above dates the same for Air Force reserve rated boards? I contacted the reserve recruiting facebook page and they said for the reserve rated board has been moved from June to May. I'm just trying to figure out the cutoff date for that board to have everything together and submitted.

  33. I think the reserve dates are different, but I could be wrong. A AF Reserve recruiter would know for sure, you will need to contact one regardless. Reservists either work through a recruiter through the civilian board or work completely independent of these boards, I'm not sure.

  34. If they do postpone the results for this Friday, will they let us know a new deadline?
    Thank you for all of you're help. Anxious, excited, and trying to understand the process a little further.

    Thank you.

  35. Usually we hear if results are delayed by now, but I am not in on the channels with this. If they do postpone yes they do give a new date. Good luck! That wait is terrible.

  36. Anonymous

    Apparently the rated board results for today has been changed to the 24th as a release date. Can you confirm?

  37. Yes, I just updated the post, thank you. The delay was posted on our official source, Air Force Portal.

  38. I've read about the new retirement system and I understand it will be optional for 2017 but for anyone in 2018, this will be the retirement. Do you know what qualifies as 2017? For example, if an OTS select swears in during 2017 but doesn't finish OTS until 2018 will they be a part of old or new system?
    I cannot find this information anywhere..

  39. You must have less than 12 years TIS as of 31 Dec 2017 to be eligible to do High 3 or elect to do the new system. If you join any time in 2018 you do not have the choice, and have to take the new system.

    Yes, if you enter OTS in CY 2017 you have the option to choose between the two. The key is your Total Active Federal Military Service Date.

  40. Anonymous

    I found this site by pure accident but I was wondering how someone will be notified of selection or non selection for the non rated board that meets on 20 to 24 March 17. My son had his packet all set for the Oct board and it was postponed from October to March as i am sure you are aware. He has been eaiting but getting anxious he applied for OSI and Intel he has a dual BA in criminal justice and psychology , dean's list twice , good internships, and letters etc etc. Next question is, when I applied to the Army Warrant Officer board I was first notified of qualified but non-select and three months later I was was picked up. Does the air force have a similar policy.

  41. The board results are all scheduled in a predictable manner (see the above schedule) but unfortunately as AF headquarters changes recruiting policy OTS is the easiest accession source to modify. This means that it changes quite frequently. 17OT01 was one of the victims of change, basically what happened is the AF manpower office determined that it had already scheduled too many officers for commissioning so they put that board on hold. That is why results are pushed back to April. The board is this week then recruiters should be notifying civilian selects of the results on April 21. Feel free to email me at if you have more questions.

  42. Anonymous

    What and where can I locate the “Line Officer Dashboard”? I am enlisted and have been for 2 years and I read the line above “2. Applications will only be accepted for AFSCs identified in Line Officer Dashboard.”

    Does this mean I need to choose an AFSC from one on the dashboard to be included in my application?

  43. I think it will be in a location on the SharePoint. This may all be old news now though. Prior to the AD/Civilian boards they were doing “NAF” boards and this may have been how they were going to advertise NAF quotas. I personally don't think they are going to do it like this, but I could be wrong.

  44. Anonymous

    Good morning sir,
    With the long wait times into OTS it looks like upon being selected I still won't leave before 2018. Do you know if there are any options for people to select old retirement system? Such as getting it into contract in 2017 since wait times are so long? Recruiters do not seem to know the answer, and I am unsure the types of things that can go into contracts.
    Thank you for any and all help.

  45. If you want to have the option of the High 3 retirement you have to be active duty prior to 2018. If you won't be able to leave for OTS in 2017 then the only other option I can think of is to enlist or perhaps pursue Guard/Reserve.

  46. Thank you for taking the time for this blog. Like many others, it has alleviated some anxiety. I did have one question. Where can I find the Line Officer Dashboard? It is listed as Note 1 on the board schedule roster. Can you please clarify? THank you!

  47. No problem! I don't think this is accessible to active duty. Someone just posted the FY17 dashboard on facebook and I asked him where he got it, and he said it is on the recruiter sharepoint page. Email me if you want me to send it to you but I haven't fully analyzed it so I don't really know what it says yet. The thread is on the 17OT01 facebook group but I can copy/paste it for you in email if that's easier.

  48. that would be awesome! thank you! my email is Thank you!

  49. Have the 2018 boards been announced yet? I’m curious if September is going to be Civilian or AD.


  50. Anonymous

    My recruiter texted a group of us today saying 17OT06 is now cancelled. The new picture posted says that’s 17OT06 is now CAD with rolling dates.

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