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June 28, 2017


FY2018 Line Officer Board Schedule

by airforceotsguy

Disclaimer:  I do not have a need to stay up-to-date on the board schedule.  I will do my best to keep this updated for you all, but if you notice a discrepancy please post a comment to let me know.

The 2018 schedule was released!  Here are the dates:

Basically the first thing you should do is check the schedule to see when the next upcoming board is.  Check the SharePoint of AF Portal sites for the most up-to-date information because it changes often.

This is the schedule which applies to those who wish to apply for one of the OTS boards.

Board #
Application cut-off
Board Date
Estimated Release Date




18OT01 (Civilian)

15 Sep 17
20 Oct 17
17 Nov 17

18OT02 (Active Duty)

19 Jan 18
16 Feb 18
16 Mar 18

18OT03 (Civilian)

13 Apr 18
18 May 18
15 Jun 18

18OT04 (Active Duty)

13 Jul 18
17 Aug 18
14 Sep 18

1.  (CAD) Critical Accessions Degree’s are listed in afrsi36-2001 Para 6.6.1. boards will be conducted on a rolling basis
2.  Apps Must be received NLT midnight on the app cutoff date at HQ AFRS
3.  “Active Duty” Boards are for current Enlisted REGAF applicants only

Effective:  27 June 2017

FY 18 LO Board Schedule

Read more from Schedules
5 Comments Post a comment
  1. Anonymous
    Aug 9 2017

    any idea what the CAD degrees are? Or has that not been released yet? I cannot seem to find the afrsi36-2001 document


    • Aug 9 2017

      I was wondering the same thing myself. Probably medical and engineering, but I couldn’t find the document either.


      • dunno
        Aug 10 2017

        Dang. I’ve just graduated as an industrial engineer and have am uncertain whether my degree will be CAD or not. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for looking and for this info!

        -also, whoops. Didn’t mean to double post


      • Aug 13 2017

        Oh dude I’m pretty sure any engineering degree would fall under CAD. I’d be surprised if it didn’t.


  2. dunno
    Aug 9 2017

    any idea what the CAD degrees are? I cannot seem to find the afrsi36-2001 document



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